WE, THE PEOPLE OF EARTH, declare UNiiTY as our natural, universal, condition of interdependence with each other, the earth and all its inhabitants, and as well the entire universe. Our COMMON KNOWLEDGE of UNiiTY finally renders obsolete the previous long held belief in the illusion of SEPARATENESS between ourselves, each other, and nature enabling the birth of genii, the era of peace and abundance for all, to unfold through UNITY FOR MUTUAL BENEFIT. Recognition of this self-evident UNiiTY with all things is simply recognizing the nature of our very nature as the nature of nature itself, despite our preoccupying misconceptions of our SEPARATENESS.


BEING GREEN embodies our conscious recognition of interdependence as our natural state of UNiiTY, which now has become COMMON KNOWLEDGE and our mutual responsibility. In UNiiTY we realize ONENESS. Our NEW AWARENESS is seeing our world as a giant mirror, causing our natural response of compassion and empathy for all things. We now choose to optimize our health and well being and ever increase our quality of life for our personal and mutual conditions. This is created by our mutual self-declaration. We actualize the principle of UNITY FOR MUTUAL BENEFIT (ii) in THE HERE AND NOW by the COCREATION of CRITICAL MASS through our mutual signed, documented, declaration and participation in the largest media event of all TiiME, PEACE UP. This initiates and sustains our co-owned genii System, rendering THE NEW CONDITION into being.

THE HIGHEST VALUE for ourselves and the earth is for all humanity to unite as one (ii) in the COCREATION of a sustainable, equally co-owned system. Health and prosperity for all people and the planet is enabled by optimizing our opportunities in the free digital universe. By uniting as one we effectively cocreate the ultimate audience within the genii System that is of, for and owned by all people. We, as co-owners of our singular system, simply monetize each other and SHARE THE WEALTH in the ever-flowing abundance that such a system enables into being. The emergence of this new co-created system, named The genii System, or GENiiSYS, generates a new choice for a Whole New LiiFE. Out from old, outdated, ineffective systems, we boldly cocreate a new, co-owned, sustainable, singular system manifesting the inevitable foundation of our emerging singular culture on planet earth. The self-defined new era is genii (see definition), the era of peace and abundance for all. Welcome to genii. We... are... now... genii.

COCREATING to BE CHANGE in the world is living THE DREAM OF DREAMS in THE HERE AND NOW. WE CREATE THE CHOICE for us all to LIVE OUR DREAMS by simply cocreating the opportunity to do just that. Until one creates the space of possibility within oneself and be open to the idea that THERE IS A WAY, only then is the possibility allowed to reveal itself in one’s own awareness to take action and actualize THE NATURAL PROCESS of cocreating PEACE AND ABUNDANCE FOR ALL. As we adopt the principle of COCREATION within GENiiSYS, our co-owned singular arena of exchange, we are strengthened through our collaboration by generating the optimum conditions for exponential opportunity and growth towards a healthier planet and people enabling us all to LIVE OUR DREAMS in THE DREAM OF DREAMS.

UNDERSTANDING the practical significance of this document and HOW IT WORKS is to see with NEW EYES (ii) our new COMMON KNOWLEDGE. These documents are the catalyst that generates the initial, establishing foundations for entering and sustaining the era of peace on Earth. We all chose to generate a new global condition, out from division and scarcity that has perpetuated our history of war, poverty, and conflict, and into embodying the enduring posture of UNITY FOR MUTUAL BENEFIT. Our critical mass signing of these declarations enables self evident, simple, measurable structures and principles of THE HIGHEST VALUE and virtue enabling the beginning of an entirely new way of peaceful and abundant LiiFE on Earth. THE NATURAL PROCESS of COCREATING the necessary CRITICAL MASS of UNiiTY is the story of us all. Realize this now to be your own story and actualize it by leaving your mark in this historical HERE AND NOW, by adding your name to these documents, The Declaration Of Interdependence, The Declaration Of Peace, and The Declaration Of genii. As you sign YOU are declaring Peace and UNiiTY with all humanity as genii unfolding THE NEW CONDITION of peace and abundance for us all in THE HERE AND NOW and for generations to come. There is no other time nor other space for this to occur. PEACE UP! Welcome to genii.